Nathalie Pires

Alma Serena

Winner of five International Portuguese Music Awards, Nathalie Pires is unable to explain whether it was Fado that chose her or she that chose Fado when she was only 13. Extremely popular among the Portuguese-American communities, where she has won a number of local awards, she has travelled all over the US where her first album “Corre-me o Fado nas Veias” became a success. Nathalie has just made her first inroads into the country of her ancestors with “Fado Além”, an album designed to introduce her both to Portuguese and international audiences, produced by Mafalda Arnauth and Cristina Branco collaborator Ricardo Dias.

Nathalie is now preparing the release of her new album that is also the most ambicious work of her career until now: surrounded by a very talented trio – José Manuel Neto (portuguese guitar), Carlos Manuel Proença (guitar) and Bernardo Moreira (double bass) – she shows fado at its purest expression with a look through its deep tradition that works as a projection for the future as well. With José Mário Branco (Camané) responsible for the production, we are certain that this work will mark the portuguese music panoram of 2017.

In the mean time Nathalie is a common presence at Carlos do Carmo’s shows, who is one of the biggest supporters of fado’s international recognition and who saw something special in her.

(Photography: João Bacelar)

Nathalie Pires met

Nathalie Pires . voice
José Manuel Neto . Portuguese guitar
Carlos Manuel Proença . guitar
Bernardo Moreira . double bass


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