Teresa Salgueiro

The theme that gives name to the world tour is based on José Saramago’s poem “Alegria” (in “Provavelmente Alegria”, 1970), played by Teresa Salgueiro and premiered live in Mexico. The idea was to surprise the journalist Pilar Del Río (José Saramago’s widow), who was present at the concert, and with whom Teresa maintains a close friendship.

The concert will reflect the last 12 years of Teresa Salgueiro’s career in music which, since her departure from Madredeus in 2007, corresponds precisely to the period that marks her independence as a performer and producer and, since 2012, her affirmation as the songwriter of the music and words she sings, gathered in the albums “O Mistério” and “O Horizonte”.

In addition to the new arrangements for the original themes, Teresa has chosen, from albums that she previously recorded, songs that reflect her admiration for folk music of various eras and the cultural plurality of various latitudes, that the singer has been fortunate to visit, in her 32-year career. These are songs that represent her thinking and vision of the world and of the human being as an agent of change. These are themes that illustrate her unique interpretative capacity, the versatility of her vocal instrument, as well as the musicians she has chosen to accompany her: José Peixoto (guitar), Fábio Palma (accordion), Óscar Torres (double bass), Rui Lobato (drums, percussion and guitar).

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Teresa Salgueiro (voice)
José Peixoto (guitar)
Fábio Palma (accordion)
Óscar Torres (double bass)
Rui Lobato (drums, percussion and guitar)


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