A winner allround

Michal Shapiro, videoblogger, Huffington Post-USA

Womex 2015. Didier Laloy and Kathy Adam's collaboration, "Belem" is a winner all around, displaying a history of various involvements in other genres and aggregates. Laloy is a widely respected diatonic accordion player and Kathy Adam's classical chops are without dispute. Laloy's stage presence is charismatic, even when confined to a chair, and in this performance of his composition "SENN" it is fascinating to see these two communicating wordlessly, passing musical messages to one another throughout. Together they make extraordinarily pleasing music with sonorities that sink deep into the bones. What comes across, to me, is a kind of classical chamber music, intimate as it should be, and creating a space in which one can wander within one's self or as a shared experience with others.

Music Idea

Met gedrevenheid en oog voor detail verzorgt Music Idea het management en de boekingen voor een kruim van muzikanten, met een uitgesproken voorkeur voor wereldmuziek, folk en klassieke muziek. Het resulteert in grote waardering van het publiek en verrassende ontmoetingen met de artiesten en hun muziek.

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